Meredith Berg, Principal

I am an independent multimedia journalist and documentarian specializing in nonfiction storytelling via digital video. I call my video production work "short-form docs".

I have long focused on stories about businesses and the people who run them, and I am excited to move fully into the digital world through my camera. I am happiest finding the essence of the story and distilling it into a creative video format.

I easily combine my storytelling abilities to show stories of all kinds. I have focused on covering local Boston area businesses of all types, anti-poverty, nonviolence measures, incarceration alternatives, families who live at the intersection of addiction and incarceration, and community engagement.

The goal of MDB Productions is to ease the process for people and organizations interested in having video content on their websites and social media, but who need help making it happen.

What's your story? I would be honored to help make it into a short-form doc.

Please view the MDB Productions reel below, visit our Sample Packages and see our News section for more examples of our work, including video, photos, case studies, and articles.

Read and view more of Meredith's work on Muck Rack, including The Boston Globe Magazine cover story "Pregnant Prisoners Are Losing Their Shackles."